Can a Granite Slab Increase the Value of Your GTA Home? Get a Specialist!

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Can a granite slab increase the value of your GTA home? A great investment, read on to learn a bit about the stone’s history, the specialist you should buy it from, and how it is installed.

Granite Has a Long History

When you buy your granite slab in the GTA, you are investing in a stone with a long, historical pedigree. The ancient Red Pyramid of Egypt was built around 2500 BC and named for the crimson hue of its exposed granite surfaces. The permanence of the stone made it a popular choice for memorials; Queen Victoria would elect to be entombed in a granite sarcophagus at her Frogmore palace.
The Scots – living in an area blessed with granite – also developed polishing techniques that enabled them to throw curling rocks down rinks. The durability of granite meant the rocks wouldn't break…
But it was the cutting techniques developed by the Scots that sparked the big revolution in home design that allowed granite to become a popular choice for interior decoration, and flooring in particular. With further advances in cutting and design, it has become a popular choice for countertops, where its durability and ability to withstand heat and chipping make it eminently practical.

Buying It

Granite is expensive; it’s not a purchase you make lightly. The stone itself will outlast you, and it is important to choose your granite slabs wisely. You can’t do that at just any dealer or a big box-style store that sells everything else in addition to stone. Find a local granite importer and distributer who specializes in the stone. It’s just good logic – if granite is the company’s chief focus, the whole reputation of their business relies on giving you the best possible advice and service.
Look for a dealer with decades of experience. Knowledge of granite has to run deep. And, finally, see how much stock they carry. Is there enough for you to make an informed decision? You can’t gauge how your granite slab will look on your countertop from just a small chip. You need to see the full stone. Do they carry enough of the stone to upgrade the entire area in question? And what kind of warranties do they offer?
Finally, make sure you have costed the process through from start to finish. The cost of that granite slab is just the start. You will need to have it cut and polished, then installed. If it is destined to be used as flooring, you’ll need to do substantial work on your room, removing moveable and fixed furniture. There may be problems with the subflooring, or, because granite is heavy, you may even need to strengthen it.

The Role of the Fabricator

After you have chosen your granite slab, you’ll need to bring a fabricator on board. This is yet another exciting facet of the purchase of stone. You’ve already had the creative fun of picking out a stone slab that fits with your décor scheme, now you are introducing a true craftsman into the mix. The fabricator will cut your slab from a template, and, depending on its destination, shape or polish it to the dimensions needed. A good fabricator will be able to enhance the stone in a myriad of ways. Your granite slab will be transformed and forever enhance your GTA home.